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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Wow Factor Michigan?

Wow Factor Michigan is a premiere baseball program designed to prepare athletes to play at an elite level. Our players are students who are seeking to play varsity, college, and professional ball. Wow Factor Michigan is a member of the Michigan Braves organization and is a franchise member of Wow Factor National. 


What is the mission of Wow Factor Michigan?

Wow Factor Michigan is focused on building better players and better young men through quality training and coaching by inspiring leaders who have experience throughout collegiate and professional baseball. Our goal is to help our players reach their desired goals on and off the field.


What ages are your teams?

Wow Factor Michigan has teams from 14u to 18u. Our Michigan Braves organization has teams from 8u to 13u and also hosts collegiate teams as well as fall ball teams. 


Does Wow Factor Michigan only take the best players in the area?

Wow Factor Michigan looks for players who will be as committed to us as our coaches and staff will be to each player. We are not trying to build a team through taking the best players, rather, we want to build teams focused on players who strive to give their best every day. We aim to build a team of hard-working and loyal players who love the game, who want to help each other improve and who want to succeed in the sport and in life.


How are team rosters determined?

As a general rule, players are first put on a team for their age. From there, each player is eligible for evaluation. If a player shows aptitude and exceptional talent, they may be asked to play up in a higher division. It is our goal to put the best possible teams on the field and also place each player in an environment where they can thrive. All decisions regarding rosters/team placements are at the discretion of the coaching staff.


What should I expect as a Wow Factor Michigan player?

As a member of Wow Factor Michigan, players will be pushed to succeed not only on the field, but also in the classroom, time management and other day-to-day expectations. Our coaching staff has extensive experience working with college coaches and they focus on growing and developing each player to reach their goals on the next step in their journey.


What are the fees and costs associated with playing for Wow Factor Michigan?

Wow Factor Michigan is a competitively priced organization that operates year-round. Players pay a seasonal fee which will be broken into payment plan and varies depending on the number of practices, games, tournaments and special events (such as trips, meetings, private sessions). Please contact us if you are interested in trying out for Wow Factor Michigan at which time the current fee structure will be presented to you.


When are player fees due?

The initial payment is due in the early fall. The balance will be made in payments every month from September through June. Players are provided with a personalized payment sheet and online link for direct visibility and tracking. 


Does Wow Factor Michigan offer fundraising?

Wow Factor Michigan does not offer direct fundraising. Each team and their parent group has the option to organize their own fundraising options, independent from Wow Factor Michigan. 

What are some local/national tournaments that you send teams to?

As a franchise member of Wow Factor National, Wow Factor Michigan has exclusive tournament connections with Prep Baseball Report and Perfect Game Tournaments. Our teams will also participate in high level regional and local tournaments outside of PBR and Perfect Game. 


What apparel and gear do players get with Wow Factor Michigan?

We are proud to announce that Wow Factor National is a partner with Under Armour to bring our players and coaches the best gear available. All clothing and gear is ordered directly by players through Wow Factor Nation store website links. These store links are sent to players/parents at multiple times through the year. While the cost of uniforms and gear is factored into the overall player fees, players pay for these items directly via the link provided. 


Each player will be equipped with Under Armour pants, Under Armour games caps, Under Armour jerseys, helmet, bag and training swag. 


How often do you have games?

Wow Factor Michigan is a tournament only focused organization. Our teams are only focused on playing in summer weekend or week long tournaments. From time to time, we may also hold scrimmages during the week. The amount of games our teams play during the summer depends the amount of tournaments we play in along with any scheduled scrimmages. 


Does Wow Factor Michigan off Fall Ball? 

Fall Development Programs are offered by Wow Factor Michigan, giving athletes the ability to narrow their focus on specific skills while still being able to focus on other fall sports like football and soccer. This is a great way for multiple sport athletes to continue their training throughout the fall season. Programs are available to all players looking to focus on specific skills and will include practices and sometimes tournament games or scrimmages. 


Does Wow Factor Michigan offer additional Training? 

Wow Factor Michigan partners with ProChop Training to offer players additional training focused more on the individual needs of each player. You can find out more about ProChop Training here. 


Does Wow Factor Michigan Have Success In Getting Players To Play College Baseball?

Yes.  Wow Factor Nation and the  Michigan Braves have had strong success helping guide and ultimately getting players to play college baseball. Now as Wow Factor Michigan, our organization continues to focus on helping players get to the next level. On staff we have a Director of College Recruiting who uses his direct college connections to help aid our players in getting to the next level. We also use a multitude of resources like hosting a PBR Showcase, hosting our own Winter College Showcase, using a recruiting directory like FieldLevel, and playing in showcase tournaments. Check out our recruiting page for more information. 


Does Wow Factor Michigan have an indoor facility and fields for workouts and team use?

Yes. Wow Factor Michigan uses a multitude of facilities to help train players in the winter. Those facilities are used exclusively by our teams & players. We also have 2 fields at our summer facility that will be utilized for our teams for Fall, Spring and Summer practices.


How often do you practice?

Practice times are determined by the coaching staff and in collaboration with the Wow Factor leadership. Each team has the opportunity to practice multiple times a week and as an organization, we also offer extra sessions to those able to attend. 


Who are your coaches?

At Wow Factor Michigan, we have compiled a coaching staff of former pro, semi-pro, collegiate players as well as former collegiate and varsity coaches. We also have connections to certified athletic trainers for performance conditioning. 


Are coaches paid to coach teams?

Non-dad coaches are provided with a stipend for their time and effort.