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#WeChop – Our Family of Brands

Meet our brand family — a collection of creative entities and people who have joined our baseball group over the years. We call it WeChop.

Focused Baseball Solutions
Wow Factor Michigan is proud to be a member of the the WeChop baseball family. As a leading not-for-profit travel baseball organization, the center of this entity is the Michigan Braves collective which includes a number of subsidiaries that showcase their solutions under separate brand names. Though it might not be directly obvious to outsiders that these names are part of our baseball family … their quality, innovation and commitment to enhancing the player experience leave no doubt.

Wow Factor Michigan is also proud to be a franchise member of Wow Factor Great Lakes and Wow Factor Nation.

Wow Factor Michigan

High Level Tournament Focused Baseball


Michigan Braves

Development Focused Baseball


ProChop Training

Advanced Baseball Training


ProChop Recruiting

Helping Players Get To The Next Level


Great Lakes Ball

League Baseball


I-69 Classic

Tournament Baseball