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Bring Your Team to Wow Factor Michigan


Advanced Baseball Organization in Michigan

At Wow Factor Michigan, we are dedicated to the development and mentorship of young men. We see potential and develop talent preparing student athletes for college and professional level play.


We are #WowBoys

What does it mean to join Wow Factor Michigan?

Who is Wow Factor?

Wow Factor Baseball was established in 2019 with the primary goal of providing high quality baseball play for top players. Their mission is to prepare, develop, and mentor players to achieve their goals in baseball and ultimately reach their potential. Wow Factor has built a nationwide network of the best teams and coaches and baseball focused environments that continuously motivates and challenges players to be the best they can be and to provide the greatest opportunities for those players.

Who is Wow Factor Michigan? 

Wow Factor Michigan is the state franchise for Wow Factor and operates in several regions of the state, with current hubs in Grand Rapids and Grand Blanc. Our goal is to develop the best talent in the state, while mentoring young adults to turn them into great men. Our offseason program will be standard throughout the state, with focused pitching and hitting drill work leading into team training. Our training plans are developed by our partner, ProChop Training and are focused on key metrics with the end goal of maximizing potential in every athlete. When tournament play begins, our teams will compete at the level that best fits their skill set, with the goal of growing into the next level as the season progresses. Our end goal is to get each athlete exposure to play at the next level.


  • Access to Wow Factor Michigan area facilities
  • Access to trainers across the club, former professional players, college players, and college coaches
  • Collaborative coaches meetings to talk through practice ideas, upcoming events, etc.
  • Simplified process: advance tournament access, collaborative practice plans, and marketing graphics
  • Showcase and PBR scouting opportunities for member players
  • Player requests, announcements, etc. are handled through admin support
  • Regional and National exposure opportunities for players via Wow Factor North National and Wow Factor Nation

Interested in starting a team or bringing your team to Wow Factor Michigan? Let’s talk.

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